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Don Your Best Costume at the Fan Faire IV

The time has come, geeks one and all, for Fan Faire IV: The Fandoms Collide! Our Library comic-con celebrating all fandoms on October 15! If you love Gaming, Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, Pokémon, Medieval Knights, Zootopia, Star Wars, or more, prepare to geek out with your library. Please visit for more information!

We know you love your home at Episcopal Catholic Apartments in Winter Haven, Florida, but it’s important to stay active and involved in your community. Attending this event is the perfect chance for you to journey outside your comfort zone to meet new people and seek new opportunities.

Event Time/Date:
Saturday, September 24, 2016 - 7:30 pm

Event Venue Location:
Osceola Library System
211 East Dakin Avenue
Kissimmee, Florida 34745

#WinterHaven #Festival
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