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Give Back to the Local Art Community at Le Salon

Notions of culture, beauty, fashion, and perception collide at Snap! Orlando’s annual showcase of international and regional artists.

The exhibition provides viewers with a unique opportunity to revisit past exhibitions while discovering new works. ‘Le Salon 2017’ features an array of mediums, styles, and artistic subjects ranging from iconic fashion and portrait photography to poignant, universal themes relating to the human experience.

We know you love your home at Episcopal Catholic Apartments in Winter Haven, Florida, but it’s important to stay active and involved in your community. Attending this event is the perfect chance for you to journey outside your comfort zone to meet new people and seek new opportunities.

Event Time/Date:
Saturday, June 10, 2017— 10:00 AM

Event Venue Location:
Snap! Orlando
1013 E Colonial Drive
Orlando, Florida 32803

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